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2016 "near the old filial piety, good world moral lecture activities


    "Filial piety", filial piety is the starting point of all the virtues, to further strengthen and improve the ideological and moral construction of minors, our school in December 12, 2016 and 13 in the afternoon to carry out the "filial piety in the old, good world" moral classroom activities.

   This activity by the education department deputy director Chen Mingzhu presided over the senior Chinese Changan Xu Wei teacher preparation group as speaker, high the first grade students in two batches of more than 600 attended the moral lecture activities. First of all, the teacher led the students chorus of a Thanksgiving parents song "kneeling sheep". After singing songs, the teacher as we explain in detail how to understand the ancient sages Confucius "filial piety". Then about the "eel protect son of love" and "shahstoosh to beg" and "three sub ground squirrel peeling feed" on maternal love story, and tell students that the animal has such deep love, and we as the essence of heaven and earth, all creatures who should know filial piety. Then, the teacher lead the students to all students to recite in unison "filial piety", and watched the "moving China - filial love the old pro Chen Binqiang story. After reading, the students talked about their feelings in the moral lecture, shared between himself and the story of their parents, some students also expressed their parents once is impolite and disrespectful behavior of repentance and determination to correct. Finally, the students over the moral lecture activities in the song "grateful heart".
   Morality will change one's life, it is eternal beauty, and nothing can make up for it. With the gradual improvement of material life, people's spiritual life is somewhat poor, lack of integrity, lack of faith, moral and other social problems, such as lack of social problems exist in varying degrees. To carry out the activities of our school moral lecture is an important work of moral education, our school will be moral lecture as a carrier, to let the students and teachers to accept moral baptism.

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